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Dr. Ataul Haque
MBBS, BCS(Health),
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Dr.Mst.Manzuda Khatun (Popy)
MBBS,PGT(Gynae and Obs)
DMU, ART infertility
BMDC Reg: A-56224
Mobile: 01730-910730

7 Star Diagnostic & Hospital,Atrai,Naogaon

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Emergency Services : Trauma

Going through very stressful, frightening or distressing events is sometimes called trauma. When we talk about emotional or psychological trauma, we might mean: situations or events we find traumatic. how we're affected by our experiences.

Emergency Services : Gynae-Obs

Obstetrics and gynecology is a field thought of as traditionally serving women because of its focus on the female reproductive system, yet many transgender


Physiotherapy is treatment to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient's mobility, function, and well-being. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness. Physiotherapists get you involved in your own recovery

Obstretical & Maternal Care

We apply a patient-centered approach to our programs and focus on enabling facilities and providers to offer high-quality maternal healthcare, including antenatal care, essential and emergency obstetric care, fistula prevention and treatment, safe surgical obstetric care, and postnatal care. We also increase patients’ access to information and care.

Antinatal Check up

Schedule of ante natal check-ups Timing of the first visit/registration - The first visit or registration of a pregnant woman for ANC should take place as soon as the pregnancy is suspected. ... Second visit - Between 14 and 26 weeks. Third visit - Between 28 and 34 weeks. Fourth visit - Between 36 weeks and term.

Cesarian Section

What is cesarean types of delivery? A caesarean section is a surgical procedure in which a baby is born through a cut made in the mother's abdominal wall and uterus. A baby will need to be born by caesarean section if there are serious problems that prevent the baby being born by a normal vaginal birth.

Normal Delivery

What does NVD mean in pregnancy? Natural vaginal delivery (NVD) is the most secure and safest delivery method in the majority of cases for both the mother and the infant,1 while cesarean section (CS) is generally considered as an alternate when NVD is not possible to protect both the mother and infant.

Infertility Treatment

What is called infertility? Infertility is a disease of the male or female reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.

Fracture Treatment

What is general management of fracture? Fracture management can be divided into nonoperative and operative techniques. The nonoperative approach consists of a closed reduction if required, followed by a period of immobilization with casting or splinting. Closed reduction is needed if the fracture is significantly displaced or angulated.

Fracture Operation

What is the operation for fractures? Bone fracture repair - series—Procedure: MedlinePlus Medical ... The three main treatment options for bone fractures are: Casting. Open reduction, and internal fixation- this involves a surgery to repair the fracture-frequently, metal rods, screws or plates are used to repair the bone, and remain in place, under the skin, after the surgery.

Fracture plaster

Is plaster good for fracture? The plaster cast supports and protects the fracture while the bone heals. However, the cast can sometimes cause circulation problems. To help prevent this: In the case of an upper limb plaster cast, exercise the fingers often.

Bone Tumore

How are bone tumors removed? This is done with a sharp instrument called a curette, and it leaves a hole in the bone. After as much of the tumor is removed as possible, the surgeon might treat the nearby bone tissue with other techniques such as chemicals or extreme cold (cryosurgery) to try to kill any remaining tumor cells.

Back pain Clinic

What specialist is best for back pain? Start with someone who specializes in nonsurgical treatment for back pain. This orthopaedic physician. They can evaluate your condition and offer appropriate treatment to help alleviate your pain.

Joints Pain

Arthritis in Knee: 4 Stages of Osteoarthritis Stage 0 – Normal. When the knee shows no signs of osteoarthritis, it is classified as Stage 0, which is normal knee health, with no known impairment or signs of joint damage. ... Stage 1 – Minor. ... Stage 2 – Mild. ... Stage 3 – Moderate. ... Stage 4 – Severe.

Sports Injury

Sports related musculoskeletal injuries Subacromial impingement syndrome is a shoulder joint injury. Baseball players are prone to get affected with subacromial impingement syndrome, as the sport requires an overhead movement of the arms to make a throw. Injury causes mechanical inflammation in the subacromial space – the space above the shoulder's ball and socket joint and the top most shoulder bone. Muscular strength imbalances, poor scapula, and rotator cuff tears are the main causes of

Children's Trauma Treatrment

Skeletal trauma forms a major part of pediatric orthopedics. Bone fractures represent one of the most common causes of hospital admissions for children. The management of pediatric fractures has evolved over the past decades and many high-quality studies and guidelines have been published to guide decision making and streamline patients care for skeletal trauma.


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